Philadelphia High School Administration and Staff Attend National Career Academy Coalition Conference

Administration and teachers from Philadelphia High School recently joined school districts and leaders from across the country at the annual National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) Conference held in Orlando, Florida.

During the conference, members attended workshops highlighting projects for NCAC’s national programs, focusing on Career Academies - personalized learning communities centered on a career theme.

Philadelphia Public School District is in the planning phase of implementing Career Academies at Philadelphia High School that will focus on local industry needs and ensure that students are prepared to become skilled employees in high-demand occupations.

“The main goal in adding Career Academies is that the modules provide learning options that are appealing for students with interests and abilities needed in specific careers that don’t necessarily follow the standard college route,” said Dr. Lisa Hull, PPSD Superintendent of Education.

With the help of the Mississippi Department of Education, Philadelphia High School will be adding Career Academies to the curriculum that offer opportunities for on-the-job training, job shadowing, or internships as well as the option to earn college credit while in high school.

“These programs reduce dropout rates; encourage participation in postsecondary education; and enable students to earn dual enrollment credits, industry-endorsed certificates, and technical endorsements,” continued Hull.

Career Academies are proven to increase student achievement while cultivating in-demand skills for students that will help improve earning prospects in their futures. The Academies foster connections that help students tie their career focus to academics, CTE, and vital partnerships with employers within local communities.

The Career Academy Executive Council has been established by Philadelphia Public School District to oversee the project and will meet in December. The Council will work together to implement the key features of the Career Academy and provide students with career training.


Photo: (L to R)

Philadelphia High School Principal Steve Eiland

Philadelphia High School Counselor Amy Burnett

Mary Kate Hollingsworth – US. History

Kimberly Killen – Mathematics

Jud Byars - Science